Ethical Standarts

The editorial board of the Russian heart failure journal is committed to provide the highest quality of published research papers, clinical cases and reviews. In its work, editorial board seeks to adhere to the strict observance of the principles of editorial ethics set out in the recommendations of the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE) and the International Committee on the Ethics of Scientific Publications (Committee on Publication Ethics - COPE), as well as in Chapter 70, "Copyright Law" of the Civil Code Russian Federation.

Together with manuscript submission information about the existence of potential conflicts of interest for each author should be provided. Such conflicts may include a share or grant, consultant fees from the company, whose product appears in the submitted manuscript or which produces competing products. This information should be indicated in the accompanying letter.

All studies involving patients must comply with the provisions of the Declaration of Helsinki and other relevant policy documents in the field of ethics in clinical trials (International Ethical Guidelines for Biomedical Research Involving Human Subjects; NATIONAL STANDARD Russian Federation GOST R 52379-2005 "Good Clinical Practice").

When conducting research on laboratory animal studies should be conducted in accordance with the basic rules laid down in the fundamental documents governing the conduct of experiments on laboratory animals and their living conditions: the Declaration of Helsinki, 2000; The rules of the quality of clinical trials in the Russian Federation (approved by the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation 29.12.98); OST 42-511-99; Order of the Ministry of Health of the USSR from 12.08.77 N 755 "On measures for further improvement of the forms of work with the use of" experimental animals".
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