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Infective endocarditis in patients with HIV/AIDS: Clinical cases

Ponomareva E. Yu., Eliseeva S. P., Sedov D. S.
V. I. Razumovsky Saratov State Medical University, Bolshaya Kazachjya 112, Saratov 410012

Keywords: infective endocarditis, HIV/AIDS

DOI: 10.18087/rhj.2017.4.2376

The article presents two cases of infectious endocarditis (IE) in users of injectable narcotics with HIV/AIDS. Features of the course, valvular and visceral abnormalities, difficulties of diagnosis, and cell immune status are characterized. Differences are demonstrated in courses and outcomes of disease depending on patients’ compliance to the treatment and efficacy of HIV control.
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Ponomareva E. Yu., Eliseeva S. P., Sedov D. S. Infective endocarditis in patients with HIV/AIDS: Clinical cases. Russian Heart Journal. 2017;16(4):306–308

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