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Patient with sclerosis and degeneration of the aortic valve: difficulties in the diagnosis of infective endocarditis

Kolomiets K. V., Konareva A. N., Pastukhov A. V., Shakhnovich P. G., Ushakov D. I., Cherkashin D. V.
Federal State Budgetary Military Educational Institution of Higher Education, "S. M. Kirov Military Medical Academy" of the Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation, Akademika Lebedeva 6, St.-Petersburg 194044

Keywords: infective endocarditis, aortal valve, aortic regurgitation, vegetations

DOI: 10.18087/rhj.2017.2.2284

The article presents a clinical case of a 55-year old women who had a surgery for infectious endocarditis associated with sclerodegenerative aortic valve. Despite progression of intoxication syndrome, signs of circulatory insufficiency, presence of conduction disorders, and altered dimensions of heart chambers, which determined the indications for urgent surgery, a possible single cause for the underlying disease was not defined although the patient was examined and treated by single-discipline specialists at different healthcare institutions of the city. Early diagnosis could have influenced the course of infectious endocarditis by monitoring with antibacterial prevention followed by an elective surgery. The clinical example is used for highlighting current European Society of Cardiology Guidelines (2015).
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Kolomiets K. V., Konareva A. N., Pastukhov A. V., Shakhnovich P. G., Ushakov D. I., Cherkashin D. V. Difficulties in the diagnosis of infective endocarditis at a patient with sclerosis and degeneration of the aortic valve. Russian Heart Journal. 2017;16 (2):151–156

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