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Compliance with prescribed therapy and treatment efficacy in patients with chronic coronary disease: State-of-the-art and ways of the problem solution

Gilyarevsky S. R.
State Budgetary Educational Institution of Advanced Professional Education, "Russian Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education" of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, Barrikadnaya 2/1, Moscow 123995

Keywords: coronary disease, treatment regimen, treatment compliance

DOI: 10.18087/rhj.2016.6.2286

The article focuses on issues of insufficient compliance with the treatment regimen of patients with coronary disease (CD); discusses results of a meta-analysis of different interventions for increasing therapy compliance of such patients; provides results of the first large observational study, which evaluated the relationship between therapy compliance and mortality of patients with CD; and discusses the effect of dosage frequency on the degree of therapy compliance.
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Gilyarevsky S.R. Compliance with prescribed therapy and treatment efficacy in patients with chronic coronary disease: State-of-the-art and ways of the problem solution. Russian Heart Journal. 2016;15 (6):391–397

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