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Inhibition of mineralocorticoid receptors in treatment of cardiovascular diseases: clinical and pharmacological aspects of the eplerenone therapy

Gilyarevsky S. R.1, Golshmid M. V.1, Kuzmina I. M.2
1 – State Budgetary Educational Institution of Advanced Professional Education, “Russian Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education” of the RF Ministry of Health Care, Barrikadnaya 2/1, Moscow 123995
2 – N. V. Sklifosovsky Research Institute of Emergency Medicine, B. Sukharevskaya Pl. 3, Moscow 129090

Keywords: treatment, cardiovascular diseases

DOI: 10.18087/rhj.2016.3.2198

The article discusses current aspects of clinical use of a selective mineralocorticoid antagonist, eplerenone, for treatment of patients with CVDs. The authors provided an evidence base for using eplerenone in treatment of different diseases. Approaches to providing safety and tolerability of mineralocorticoid antagonists are discussed.
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Gilyarevsky S. R., Golshmid M. V., Kuzmina I. M. Inhibition of mineralocorticoid receptors in treatment of cardiovascular diseases: clinical and pharmacological aspects of the eplerenone therapy. Russian Heart Journal. 2016;15 (3):143–150

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