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Evaluation of clinico-anamnestic and social status in recipients with dysfunction of xenoaortic bioprosthetic heart valve in mitral position

Rutkovskaya N. V., Kondyukova N. V., Kuzmina O. K., Levadin Yu. V., Avramenko O. E., Barbarash L. S.
Federal State Budgetary Institution, "Research Institute for Complex Issues of Cardiovascular Diseases" at the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, Sosnovy Bulvar 6, Kemerovo 650002

Keywords: xenoaortic bioprostheses, heart valve prosthetic replacement

DOI: 10.18087/rhj.2015.5.2087

Background. The use of bioprostheses for correction of heart valve disease provides better quality of life but dictates a requirement for reoperations. Major causes for bioprosthesis dysfunction are primary tissue failure (PTF) with or without calcification and prosthetic endocarditis (PE). Aim. Comparative evaluation of clinico-anamnestic and social status in recipients of biological prostheses. Materials and methods. Patients with bioprosthesis dysfunction confirmed by ultrastructure studies, including PTF with calcification (n=63), PTF without calcinosis (n=19), PE (n=34), and recipients with preserved function of bioprostheses (n=108). Results. The compared groups significantly differed in gender, region of residence, working ability, age, compliance with drug therapy, and clinical status both at the time of primary implantation and during the development of bioprosthesis dysfunction. Conclusion. Features of clinico-anamnestic and social status of recipients can be considered factors influencing the duration of bioprosthesis functioning.
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Rutkovskaya N. V., Kondyukova N. V., Kuzmina O. K., Levadin Yu. V., Avramenko O. E., Barbarash L. S. Evaluation of clinico-anamnestic and social status in recipients with dysfunction of xenoaortic bioprosthetic heart valve in mitral position. Russian Heart Journal. 2015;14 (5):331–340

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