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Evaluating the efficacy of drug and surgery methods in treatment of IHD patients with pronounced left ventricular dysfunction

Chernyavsky A. M., Efremova O. S., Ruzmatov T. M., Efendiev V. U.
Federal State Budgetary Institution, "Academician E. N. Meshalkin Novosibirsk Research Institute of Circulatory Pathology" of the RF Ministry of Health Care, Rechkunovskaya 15, Novosibirsk 630055

Keywords: CAD, treatment, prognosis, surgical methods

DOI: 10.18087/rhj.2015.3.2067

Background. Determination of the optimum tactics for treatment of IHD patients with low LV EF is still an open issue. Aim. To compare efficacy of drug and surgical methods of treatment in IHD patients with LV EF ≤35 %. Materials and methods. This prospective, randomized study included 80 IHD patients with LV EF ≤35 %. 40 patients received an optimum drug therapy, and 40 patients underwent the coronary bypass (CB) surgery. Evaluation of the clinical status and EchoCG parameters was performed at baseline, before discharge from the hospital, and at 1, 3 and 7 years. Results. For 7 years, both treatments provided improvement of the patients’ clinical condition. CB proved superior in the first 3 years. In-hospital mortality was observed only with the surgical treatment (7.5 %). As distinct from the optimum drug treatment, CB provided a considerable improvement of EchoCG parameters in the first year of follow-up. Beginning from the third year, both groups showed signs of progressive LV remodeling.
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Chernyavsky A. M., Efremova O. S., Ruzmatov T. M. et al. Evaluating the efficacy of drug and surgery methods in treatment of IHD patients with pronounced left ventricular dysfunction. Russian Heart Journal. 2015;14 (3):145–152

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