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Angiotensin II receptor antagonists in cardiology: heading for organ protection

Timofeeva N. Yu., Snetkova A. A., Zadionchenko V. S.

Keywords: angiotensin ii receptor antagonists, organ protection, cardiovascular diseases

DOI: 10.18087/rhj.2013.4.1769

At the present time, ARAs including irbesartran and its generic ibetran completely similar to the original drug in bioequivalence, bioavailability and pharmacokinetic properties, take one of the leading places in the treatment of AH, post-MI conditions, and CHF. The indisputable organ-protective effects documented by clinical studies make irbesartran (ibertran) the drug of choice in renal injury (microalbuminuria / proteinuria, diabetic nephropathy with chronic renal disease), LV myocardial hypertrophy, metabolic syndrome, and atrial fibrillation.
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Timofeeva N. Yu., Snetkova A. A., Zadionchenko V. S. Angiotensin II receptor antagonists in cardiology: heading for organ protection. Russian Heart Journal. 2013;12(4):236-242

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