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Possibilities of administration of metoprolol succinate at cardiovascular diseases

Evdokimova A. G., Kovalenko E. V., Lozhkina M. V., Evdokimov V. V.

Keywords: treatment, metoprolol succinate, cardiovascular diseases

DOI: 10.18087/rhj.2012.5.1718

The review provides data concerning clinical efficiency of metoprolol succinate at treatment of AH, CHD, CHF. Sustained release dosage form of metoprolol succinate (Metozoc) provides convenient intake of the drug once a day, good tolerance, and very good treatment conformity.
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Evdokimova A. G., Kovalenko E. V., Lozhkina M. V. et al. Possibilities of administration of metoprolol succinate at cardiovascular diseases. Russian Heart Journal. 2012;11(5):272-276.

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