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Initial combined therapy of hypertension – variable combinations of ACE inhibitors and diuretics

Gendlin G. E., Ostrovskaya Yu. I., Melekhov А. V.

Keywords: hypertension, diuretics, ace inhibitors

DOI: 10.18087/rhj.2012.2.1678

Combined hypertension therapy is a basic approach in treatment of patients at high risk of complications, with accompanying DM and CHD. The combination of ACE inhibitors and diuretics is considered rational due to mutual potentiation of hypotensive effect, as well as leveling of side effects of each agent. There is a variable combination of ACE inhibitors and Indapamide – Enzix. Results of clinical studies showed that early introduction of Enzix to the treatment of patients with 1–2 degree hypertension in comparison with standard hypotensive therapy allows to achieve target levels more often, improve the quality of life, reduce number of hospitalizations. This drug has considerable advantage over the fixed combinations: possibility of more flexible dosing of Enalapril in the combination with Indapamide depending on a clinical case.
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Gendlin G. E., Ostrovskaya Yu. I., Melekhov А. V. Initial combined therapy of hypertension – variable combinations of ACE inhibitors and diuretics. Russian Heart Journal. 2012;11(2):112-115

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