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Blood rheology in patients with chronic heart failure treated with plasmapheresis

Malchevskiy Yu. E.

Keywords: plasmapheresis, blood rheology, CHF

DOI: 10.18087/rhfj.2014.4.2000

Background. Exploiting achievements of current drug therapy for CHF reduces the risk of death by 35% whereas using surgical methods reduces it by 50%. However these methods are insufficiently effective or ineffective in quite a large patient contingent. The search for new, pathogenetically justified approaches to management of IHD patients with CHF signs is relevant. Aim. To study the effect of plasmapheresis (PA) on clinical manifestations of the disease, blood rheology, and the hemostasis system in IHD patients with signs of CHF. Materials and methods. The study included 96 IHD patients with FC III–IV CHF divided into groups: control (n=29), patients receiving a standard treatment; main group (n=67), patients receiving PA as a part of multi-modality treatment. Effects of PA on the clinical course of disease, blood viscosity, aggregation, and red blood cells deformability were studied at 1, 7, 30 and 180 days of the treatment. Results. The PA treatment reduced clinical manifestations of the disease, reduced the fibrinogen level by 6–23 %, decreased antithrombin III by 11–13 %; decreased the index of platelet aggregation stimulated by epinephrine by 13–44 % and stimulated by ADP by 10–28 %; decreased the red cell aggregation index by 16 %, and reduced blood viscosity. Conclusion. On one hand, this study has confirmed efficacy and safety of PA in management of IHD patients with CHF and on the other hand, the study has demonstrated a need for further investigation of possible PA effects on blood rheology and the hemostasis system in these patients.
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Malchevsky Yu. E. Blood rheology in patients with chronic heart failure treated with plasmapheresis. Russian Heart Failure Journal. 2014;85 (4):238–242

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