Russian Heart Failure Journal 2014year Unclassified acquired cardiomyopathy

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Unclassified acquired cardiomyopathy

Khokhlunov S. M., Duplyakov D. V., Osadchiy I. A., Kislukhin T. V., Kruglov V. N., Perunova E. R., Karpushkina E. M., Shibanova M. O.
Samara Oblast Clinical Cardiology Clinic, Aerodrome 43, Samara, 443070

Keywords: differential diagnosis, cardiomyopathy, ACS, takotsubo

DOI: 10.18087/rhfj.2014.5.1972

The article provides a short review of literature on stress-induced cardiomyopathy (CMP) or takotsubo CMP. The authors presented a case of a 67‑year old postmenopausal woman with isolated LV changes and reverse development of clinico-functional parameters by the 9th day of disease. The complexity of differential diagnosis of ACS and takotsubo CMP is demonstrated.
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Khokhlunov S. M., Duplyakov D. V., Osadchy I. A. et al. Unclassified acquired cardiomyopathy. Russian Heart Failure Journal. 2014;15 (5): 305–311

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