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Potentialities of stress echocardiography in chronic heart failure

Ryabova T. R., Sokolov A. A., Ryabov V. V.
Federal State Budgetary Institution, “Research Institute of Cardiology” at the Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, Kievskaya 111a, Tomsk 63402

Keywords: diagnostics, stress-tests, CHF, echocardiography

DOI: 10.18087/rhfj.2014.1.1896

The review is focused on potentialities of current stress-EchoCG in patients with CHF. The authors provided a pathophysiological justification for the method, indications, methodological approaches, and possible prospective use of stress-EchoCG for evaluation of heart functional capability in CHF as well as for diagnostics of HF with preserved EF.
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Ryabova T. R., Sokolov A. A., Ryabov V. V. Potentialities of stress echocardiography in chronic heart failure. Russian Heart Failure Journal. 2014;15(1):56–64

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