Russian Heart Failure Journal 2013year Role of genetic factors in development of CHF

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Role of genetic factors in development of CHF

Shvarts Yu. G., Martynovich T. V., Akimova N. S., Fedotov E. A.

Keywords: angiotensin-converting enzyme, genes, gene polymorphism, CHF

DOI: 10.18087/rhfj.2013.6.1851

The review is focused on a current trend in cardiology, studying polymorphism of genes coding for proteins of major neuro-humoral systems involved in development and progression of CHF and other cardiovascular diseases. Data on polymorphic gene variants coding for RAAS and SAS proteins and on polymorphic genes coding for pro-inflammatory cytokines are provided in detail. The review presents results of studies demonstrating the relationship of polymorphic gene variants coding for ACE, angiotensinogen, angiotensin, and β-adrenergic receptors with development and features of the course of AH, IHD and CHF. In addition, the review presents data on interrelation of polymorphic variants of these genes with efficacy of the therapy administered to this group of patients as well as with the incidence of some side effects of ACEI and β-AB.
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Shvarts Yu.G., Martynovich T.V., Akimova N.S. et al. Role of genetic factors in development of CHF. Russian Heart Failure Journal. 2013;14 (6):369-376

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