Russian Heart Failure Journal 2013year The issue of diagnosing chronic heart failure in real-life clinical practice

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The issue of diagnosing chronic heart failure in real-life clinical practice

Shtegman O. A., Petrova M. M., Polikarpov L. S., Vyrva P. V.

Keywords: diagnostics, CHF

DOI: 10.18087/rhfj.2013.4.1842

Background. In absence of clear signs for cardiac congestion, diagnosing CHF is a serious challenge for a clinician. Aim. To study causes for overdiagnosing CHF in the adult urban popylation visiting an outpatient clinic. Materials and methods. 378 patients with CVD complaining of shortness of breath were selected from 3,000 urban people older than 17. For all patients, echoCG, ECG, and 6min walk test (if not contraindicated) were performed. Depression was revealed using the questionnaire CES-D. Anxiety level was evaluated using the Spielberger questionnaire modified by Yu. L. Khanin. Final diagnosis of CHF was based on the presence of dyspnea, heart structure or function abnormality, and on the response to the treatment with drugs of the main group for CHF therapy. Results. CHF was documented in 63.8 % of 378 outpatient patients with CVD and dyspnea. One CHF patients had on average 1.35 additional causes for dyspnea. In outpatient patients without heart function disorders but with suspected CHF, among the causes for dyspnea, anxiety conditions were on the first place (53.3 %) and obesity on the second place (38.7 %) followed by detraining, respiratory organ abnormalities and anemia. Furthermore, a combination of different causes for dyspnea was observed in each third case. Conclusion. Causes for difficulties in CHF diagnostics in real-life clinical practice were analyzed.
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Shtegman O.A., Petrova M.M., Polikarpov L.S. et al. The issue of diagnosing chronic heart failure in real-life clinical practice. Russian Heart Failure Journal. 2013;14 (4):214-218

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