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Study of quality of life relating to the health at chronic heart failure in the elderly patients

Temnikova E. A., Nechaeva G. I.

Keywords: quality of life, elderly age, CHF

DOI: 10.18087/rhfj.2012.2.1685

Relevance. Health-related quality of life (QoL) has been studied a lot lately, but practicing physician do not examine and use it when choosing management approach. Objective. Study health-related quality of life in elderly CHF patients observed in the territorial outpatient clinics, and identify influencing factors. Materials and methods. QoL indices of 137 outpatients (average age 80.1±4.04 years) obtained by use of general and specific questionnaires were analyzed. Results. Poor health-related QoL indices were revealed, which did not depend on a CHF stage, FC and age, but were associated with gender and amount of concomitant diseases. In most examined patients, symptomatic CHF with limited physical capacity was registered, however among general QoL indices, the most significant decrease was psychological health. Conclusion. To improve QoL in elderly CHF patients, it is necessary to draw up a management program allowing to influence psychological component of the health as well as objective manifestations of the disease. In this respect the best-proven method is therapeutic instruction of patients and their social environment, and multidisciplinary treatment approach.
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Temnikova E. A., Nechaeva G. I. Study of quality of life relating to the health at chronic heart failure in the elderly patients. Russian Heart Failure Journal. 2012;13(2):79-82

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