Russian Heart Failure Journal 2011year №3

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Rubric: Original articles

Balance of collagen in patients with heart failure and normal ejection fraction, depending on the type of left ventricular filling and E / e' ratio

Ovchinnikov A. G., Svirida O. N., Azizova A. G., Ageev F. T.
Keywords: left ventricle, heart failure, fibrosis, echocardiography
Rubric: Original articles

Risk factors of cardiovascular complications in patients with chronic heart failure: focus on arterial stiffness

Kosheleva N. A., Rebrov A. P.
Keywords: arterial stiffness, prognosis, CHF
Rubric: Original articles

Arterial stiffness and markers of endothelial dysfunction in the microcirculation of patients with CHF with preserved and reduced left ventricular systolic function

Osmolovskaya Yu. F., Mareev V. Y., Balakhonova T. V., Glechan A. M., Heymets G. I.
Keywords: arterial stiffness, left ventricle, microcirculation, contractile function, heart failure, endothelial dysfunction
Rubric: Original articles

Clinical and demographic characteristics of patients with chronic heart failure and implaned cardiac resynchronization therapy devices: data from the register PANORAMA in Russia

Kuznetsov V. A., Pokushalov E. A., Chudinov G. V., Zenin S. A., Krasnoperov P. V., Popov S. V., Lebedeva V. K., Bokeria O. L., Pervova E. V., Ostern E. A., Kolunin G. V., Belonogov D. V.
Keywords: demography, clinic, register, resynchronization therapy, CHF
Rubric: Original articles

Effect of myocardial revascularization on cardiac structural and functional capacity and myocardial desynchronization in chronic heart failure

Pribilova N. N., Osipova O. A., Vlasenko M. A., Vlasenko O. A., Godlevskaya O. M.
Keywords: coronary artery bypass, cardiac dyssynchrony, mammary-coronary bypass, structural and functional status
Rubric: Original articles

Main features of heart and kidney damage in patients with chronic heart failure and metabolic syndrome

Statsenko M. E., Evtereva E. D., Turkina S. V., Fabritskaya S. V., Sporova O. E.
Keywords: metabolic syndrome, kidney, heart failure

Annual National Award in Cardiology "The Purple Heart"

Rubric: Original articles

The role of anemia in chronic heart failure flow in patients with dilated cardiomyopathy

Abdullaev T. A., Tsoi I. A., Mardanov B. U.
Keywords: anemia, DCM, CHF
Rubric: Reviews

Effects of aldosterone blockade in patients with heart failure: a modern approach to the problem – eplerenone (part I)

Mareev V. Yu., Skvortsov A. A.
Keywords: aldosterone, CHF
Rubric: Expert opinion

Consensus of heart failure experts Society on application of highly selective aldosterone receptor blocker eplerenone in the treatment of chronic heart failure. Results of EPHESUS trial and EMPHASIS-HF substudy

Rubric: Review of foreign publications

Review of foreign articles

Material prepared by Bylova N. A.
Rubric: Case report

The case of acute myocarditis in the patient after mitral valve replacement and myocardial revascularization according to myocardial perfusion tomostsintigraphy with phase imaging

Ostroumov E. N., Kotina E. D., Mehtiev E. K., Akopov G. A., Poptsov V. N., Spirina E. A.
Keywords: myocarditis, right ventricle insufficiency, myocardial perfusion tomostsintigraphy synchronized with ECG, phase images

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