Russian Heart Failure Journal 2011year Chronic heart failure in 75+ year old outpatients

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Chronic heart failure in 75+ year old outpatients

Temnikova E. A.

Keywords: outpatients, age, clinical picture, CHF

DOI: 10.18087/rhfj.2011.6.1593

Relevance. CHF rate increases with years, however there are not much data concerning CHF diagnosis in 75+ year old patients. Purpose. The estimation of clinical implications and study of issues of CHF diagnosis in 75+ year old patient, supervised in local outpatient clinics. Materials and methods. Open-label cross-sectional observational clinical study of 440 patients of regional territorial polyclinics for studying of clinical picture of CHF in 75+ year old outpatients was carried out. Results. Frequency rate of basic clinical signs of CHF in the studied subjects was found to be comparable with the referential data for other age groups. Number of CHF symptoms was revealed to be correlated with an available comorbidity (bronchopulmonary diseases and rhythm disturbances). Additional outpatient inspections appeared to be less informative, because of discrepancy of the result description to criteria necessary for CHF diagnosis and technical problems of the study. Thus, as none of HF symptoms are specific, and additional study is not always accessible and informative, a doctor’s basic diagnostic problem in senior patients is still attentive examination with use of classical methods of checkup.

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Temnikova E.A. Chronic heart failure in 75+ year old outpatients. Russian Heart Failure Journal. 2011;12(6):339-343.

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