Russian Heart Failure Journal 2009year Difficulties of clinical diagnostic and treatment of diastolic CHF at patients with arterial hypertension

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Difficulties of clinical diagnostic and treatment
of diastolic CHF at patients with arterial hypertension

Drapkina O.M., Ashihmin Ya. I., Ivashkin V. T.



The problem of treatment of polymorbid patients with AH, metabolic syndrome, diastolic CHF (DCHF) is far away from resolution. According to results of recebt studies of DCHF is more common in population than systolic, but the prognosis of patients with DCHF is very serious as well. Large placebo-cintrolled trials did not find the efficacy of ARB, beta-blockers as well as perindopril in prognosis improvement of patients with DCHF, that determine high urgency of effective treatment search.
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