Russian Heart Failure Journal 2009year Neyrohormonal mechanisms CHF at postinfarction cardiosclerosis patients

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Neyrohormonal mechanisms CHF at postinfarction cardiosclerosis patients

Pribylova N.N., Osipova O.A.



Urgency. CHF progresion is associated with changes in neurohormonal activity of vasopressor and vasodilatated system systems of circulation regulation and regulation of fluid-salt balance. Aim. Investigate peculiarity of changes in content of effectors of RAAS and sympato-adrenal (SAS) system and brain natriuretic peptide (BNP) in dependence of CHF severity and myocardial dysfunction type. Materials and methods. After 4 months from MI 115 patiens 37–88 years age were examined. NYHA I were found in 16,5% of patients, NYHA II in 41,8%, NYHA III in 34,7%, NYHA IV – 6,9%. Systolic CHF were found in 43,4% of patients, and 56,5 have dyastolic HF. Norepinefrine, aldosterone and BNP levels were measured in venous blood. Peculiarity of Norepinefrine, aldosterone and BNP were investigated in dependence from NYHA class. Results. Activation of aldosteron formation begins before CHF development. Increasing of Norepinephrine peculiarity – starts after clinical manifestation of CHF (fom NYHA II), and BNP is associated with CHF progression, from NYHA II. Peculiarity of Norepinephrine and aldosterone were increased in all groups of patients and do not depends of dyastolic or systolic variant of CHF.Peculiarity of BNP in blood increased with appearance of systolic HF and were progressing with increasing in CHF severity. BNP level can be used like diagnostic test of low EF.
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