Russian Heart Failure Journal 2009year Prevalence and etiology of chronic heart failure in Ryazan region (by data of the study “EPOCH” in-patient phase)

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Prevalence and etiology of chronic heart failure in Ryazan region (by data of the study “EPOCH” in-patient phase)

Yakushin S.S., Smirnova E.A.



Urgency. Multiple studies have addressed issues of CHF epidemiology both in Russia and abroad; however obtained data are inconsistent, largely due to different methods for evaluation of CHF prevalence. Aim. To study CHF prevalence based on standardized evaluation of clinical symptoms and echoCG. Materials and methods. A representative sample was studied in the Ryazan region including 953 families, 2098 people with mean age of 44.8±0.01 years. Patients with suspected CHF were identified by the presence of cardiovascular disease with dyspnea, asthenia, tachycardia and edema. 222 patients with suspected CHF underwent an in-patient examination with measurement of CHF FC by clinical condition scale (CCS) and evaluation of the LV structure and function condition using echoCG. Results. Prevalence of suspected I-IV FC CHF was 11.1% in the Ryazan region. After the in-patient examination the diagnosis of CHF was verified in 167 people. Most patients with CHF had disturbed LV diastolic function, often with impaired relaxation; 7.3% of evaluated patients had LV systolic dysfunction. A combination of IHD and arterial hypertension (AH) (80.8%) including that with diabetes mellitus (DM) (17.4%) was the most common etiological cause of CHF.
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