Russian Heart Failure Journal 2008year Comorbidity in chronic obstructive lung disease

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Comorbidity in chronic obstructive lung disease

Karoly N. A., Orlova E. E., Markova A. V., Rebrov A. P.



Urgency. Significance of comorbidity as a predictive marker of general mortality in patients with obstructive lung disease (COLD) has been increasing in recent years. Aim. To study comorbidity and its contribution to mortality of patients with COLD. Material and methods. Retrospective analysis was performed on case histories of 125 patients with COLD and 54 sex- and age-matched patients with osteoarthrosis. Results. Mean comorbidity index was twofold higher in patients with COLD than in patients with osteoarthrosis (p<0.001). Comorbidity index increased as the course of COLD became more severe (p<0.01). Dynamic observation of 77 patients with COLD for 3–5 years allowed isolating a group of patients with predicted adverse outcomes. Patients who died had comorbidity index scores >3 significantly more frequently (p<0.001). A significant correlation was found between the comorbidity index and the time that had elapsed between the moment of index determination and death of the patient (r=-0.54; p<0.05). Therefore the comorbidity index can be used in practice as a measure of  risk for death in patients with COLD. An increase in comorbidity index score to >3 places a patient to the group of high risk, which should be taken into account by a physician in managing the patient.
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