Russian Heart Failure Journal 2008year Beta-blockers in chronic heart failure with unchanged ejection fraction

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Beta-blockers in chronic heart failure with unchanged ejection fraction

Kastanayan A. A., Nelasov N. Yu., Kaplina E. V., Gusseynova E. Sh., Nedoruba E. A.



Scarcity of clinical studies on efficacy of medicines including β-adrenoblockers in diastolic HF (DHF) is due to insufficient perception of this problem, difficulty of matching homogenous cohorts and the absence until recently of a universal definition and diagnostic criteria for DHF. However a tremendous demonstrative database is available, which supports the use of β-adrenoblockers in patients with different stages of CHF including, undoubtedly, patients with LV diastolic dysfunction (DD). Considering positive results of those studies along with well studied pharmacological properties of β-adrenoblockers they may be used for the treatment of both HF with reduced EF (HFREF) and HF with normal EF (HFNEF). Furthermore, as long as other data are not available yet, the β-adrenoblockers that have proved efficient in the treatment of systolic HF (SHF) should be probably used for the treatment of DHF.
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