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July, 2017/№7
Rubric: first

Myocardial Perfusion Imaging Modalities: What do we Really see?

Ansheles A. A., Sergienko V. B.
Russian Cardiology Research and Production Complex, Moscow, Russia
Keywords: radiology; myocardium; perfusion; viability
Rubric: Ischemic Heart Disease

Stress Echocardiography in the Assessment of Long-Term Outcomes After Percutaneous Coronary Intervention in Patients With Stable Coronary Heart Disease

Elkanova M. M.2, Shitov V. N.2, Botvina U. V.2, Lopukhova V. V.2, Saidova M. A.2, Karpov Yu. А.1
1Russian Cardiology Research and Production Complex, Moscow, Russia
2Institute of Cardiology of Russian Cardiology Scientific and Production Complex, Moscow, Russia
Keywords: stress echocardiography; ischemic heart disease; percutaneous coronary intervention
Rubric: acute coronary syndrome

Myocardial Infarction at the Background of Left Bundle Branch Block in the RECORD-3 Registry – Management and Prognosis

Erlikh A. D.1, Dzhinibalaeva Zh. B.2, Kiselev A. R.3, Posnenkova O. M.3, Duplyakov D. V.2, 4 and the RECORD-3 Registry Participants
1Federal Scientific-Clinical Centrum of Physico-Chemical Medicine of Federal medico-biological Agency RF, Moscow, Russia
2Samara Regional Cardiology Dispensary, Samara, Russia
3Saratov State Medical University named after V. I. Razumovsky, Saratov, Russia
4Samara State Medical University, Samara, Russia
Keywords: acute coronary syndrome; myocardial infarction; left bundle brunch block; prognosis
Rubric: Arterial hypertension

Influence of Sympathetic Denervation of the Renal Artery on the Level of Arterial Blood Pressure, Cerebral Blood Flow and Cognitive Function In Patients With Resistant Arterial Hypertension

Efimova N. Yu., Lichikaki V. A., Lishmanov Yu. B.
Cardiology Research Institute, Tomsk National Research Medical Center, Russian Academy of Sciences, Tomsk, Russia
Keywords: brain perfusion; resistant arterial hypertension; cognitive function; renal sympathetic denervation; single photon emission computer tomography
Rubric: Arterial hypertension

Adherence to Therapy in the Outpatient Setting: the Ability to Identify and Assess the Effectiveness of Therapy

Fofanova T. V.1, Ageev F. T.1, Smirnova M. D.1, Deev A. D.2
1Institute of Cardiology of Russian Cardiology Scientific and Production Complex, Moscow, Russia
2State Institution National Research Center for Preventive Medicine, Moscow, Russia
Keywords: arterial hypertension; adherence to treatment; treatment in outpatient setting
Rubric: Arterial hypertension

Efficacy of Antihypertensive Therapy Combined With Psychotropic Drugs in Patients With Hypertension and Affective Disorders

Kovalev D. V., Skibitsky V. V., Kurzanov A. N., Ponomareva A. I.
Kuban State Medical University, Krasnodar, Russia
Keywords: arterial hypertension; 24-hour blood pressure monitoring; anxiety; depression; anxiolytics; antidepressants
Rubric: anyother

Age-Related Changes of Heart Rate Variability at Various Insulin Sensitivity and Telomere Length

Streltsova L. I.1, Tkacheva O. N.1, 2, Dudinskaya E. N.1, 2, Akasheva D. U.1, Plokhova E. V.1, 2, Strazhesko I. D.1, Boytsov S. A.1
1Federal State Institution National Research Center for Preventive Medicine, Moscow, Russia 2Russian Gerontology Research Center, Moscow, Russia
Keywords: age; heart rate variability; telomeres; insulin sensitivity
Rubric: Reviews

Specific Characteristics of Coronary Atherosclerosis

Pykhteev V. S.2, Lashevich K. A.2, Bogdan A. P.1, 2, Belash S. A.1, 2
1Regional Clinical Hospital No1, Krasnodar, Russia
2Kuban State Medical University, Krasnodar, Russia
Keywords: coronary artery atherosclerosis; calcification; diabetes mellitus; myocardial bridges
Rubric: clinical seminars

Molecular Aspects of Translational Cardiology in Vascular Wall Research

Maksimenko A. V.
Institute of Experimental Cardiology of Russian Cardiology Research and Production Complex, Moscow, Russia
Keywords: endothelial glycocalyx; vascular wall hydration; water-electrolyte exchange; antioxidant enzymes; protein three-dimensional structure modeling
Rubric: clinical seminars

Syndrome Takotsubo: the Value of Echocardiography

Alekhin M. N.
Central Clinical Hospital with Policlinic of the Presidential Administration of the Russian Federation, Moscow, Russia
Keywords: takotsubo; echocardiography; strain myocardium; two‑dimensional speckle‑tracking
Rubric: Guidelines

Review of Novel Clinical Recommendations on Diagnosis and Treatment of Atrial Fibrillation (2016) of the European Society of Cardiology Developed in Collaboration With the European Association for Car dio-Thor acic Surgery

Syrkin A. L.1, Kopylov F. Yu.1, Ivanov G. G.1, 2, Serova M. V.1, Bulanova N. A.1
1I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University, Moscow, Russia
2RUDN University, Moscow, Russia
Keywords: atrial fibrillation; diagnosis; treatment; novel clinical recommendation

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