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Clinical Aspects of Interventional Treatment of a Patient With Atrial Fibrillation Combined With Resistant Arterial Hypertension by the Method of Radiofrequency Ablation in Renal Arteries and Left Atrium

Ardashev A. V.1, Zhelyakov E. G.1, Zotova I. V.2, Konev A. V.3, Khimiy O. V.3, Staferov A. V.3, Knigin A. V.1, Kolesnikov V. N.4, Maskova N. A.4, Baykulova M. Kh.4, Belenkov Yu. N.1
1 Medical Scientific and Educational Centre of Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia
2 Central State Medical Academy, President Management Department RF, Moscow, Russia
3 Federal Research Clinical Center for specialized types of health care and medicaltechnologies of Federal Biomedical Agency of Russia, Moscow, Russia
4 Regional Clinical Cardiology Clinic, Stavropol, Russia

Keywords: resistant arterial hypertension: atrial fibrillation; ablation in the renal arteries; ablation of atrial fibrillation

DOI: 10.18087/cardio.2017.12.10070

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Ardashev A. V., Zhelyakov E. G., Zotova I. V., Konev A. V., Khimiy O. V., Staferov A. V., Knigin A. V., Kolesnikov V. N., Maskova N. A., Baykulova M. Kh., Belenkov Yu. N. Clinical Aspects of Interventional Treatment of a Patient With Atrial Fibrillation Combined With Resistant Arterial Hypertension by the Method of Radiofrequency Ablation in Renal Arteries and Left Atrium. Kardiologiia. 2017;57(12):90–96.

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